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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  June 6, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> cenk: welcome to the "the young turks." today we're going to look into the disaster in wisconsin. >> we were all very emotional because we all had a lot of invested in this. >> didn't bother to show up in wisconsin. >> the leadership there republicans organized at the grassroots level. >> that is it. if we stint win tonight it's the end of the usa as we know it. >> cenk: he actually agree with that guy and then we'll get into are a ugly fight. we have an outrage block for you. there is a new tv show glory flying eviction. ♪ >> listen, we work for the owner. >> i don't care. >> cenk: and then we got a spy
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inside the lifestyle of the rich in the hamptons. >> a fancy restaurant, boutique and opulent mansions, less than 90 miles from new york city make the hamptons a playground for the rich and famous. >> cenk: the inside story of how they spend their money is outrageous. tax the rich, tax the rich. go time. ♪ >> cenk: unless you've been living inside a box you now know governor walker has retained had he's seat in wisconsin. he won 53-46 the race was expected to be closer than that, but it wasn't because as that man said on cnn that we just showed you, we have lost our democracy. now, how so? they just bought this election. flat out bought it.
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look at this, 88% of the money spent was by scott walker. he only got 53% of the vote, but he only needs 51%. he spent 88% of the money! then $30.5 million that walker spent, and $4 million that barrett spent. i want you to understand the impact of this. you often hear about it, and oh, okay, what does it mean? it means that if you lived in wisconsin you were inundated with ads changing the topic from walker from the middle class from the billionaires trying to buy the election to barrett is bad! barrett is terrible! barrett is horrible! we took seven of the ads and there were many more. it gives a minute of how much barrett was attacked. >> this two-year-old spent six days in intensive care after
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being intensively beaten. but tom barrett and his department did not consider it a violent crime. >> it raises the question of whether the crimes were misreported. if barrett is willing to cover up hundreds of crimes in milwaukee, what else is he hiding? >> a certain sentinel story categorizeing crimes as minor incidents to drive down crime rates. ♪ blame it on the rain ♪ i am not responsible. >> this makes the fifth homicide in just four days. >> isn't it time to end the civil war in wisconsin? >> night after night after night after night. >> forward. walker. >> backwards barrett. >> cenk: it's not theoretical but hypothetical. it's real. they see these ads and they sell
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them at 1.5-to-1 clips against barrett. then people go into the booth, a my god we don't want barrett? look at that two-year-old who was beaten, not barrett! that's how you lose an election. michael shure, political correspondent is here. i don't know what you're going to fight on this. it was the money, it was the money. it was the money. >> when he won in 2010 by basically exactly the same margin and far less money was spent, proportionally the votes were distributed similarly, were we going to say the money? >> huge difference. >> walker had already gone into office. the guy he said who wouldn't go after unions, etc. went after the unions. >> wait a second. >> cenk: we had huge up risings. >> he said the public sector, when he ran the first time, he said the public sector needs reform. he didn't say that he wasn't going to go after the unions. >> cenk: he did say he was not
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going to get rid of collective bargaining. he said reform. >> to go out and say i'm going to get rid of collective bar been beganning. bargaining. they were surprised by how quickly it happened. >> cenk: i've been running collision on the show where they said, i didn't know he was going to be coming for me. you look at all the people in wisconsin, and they weren't surprised? of course they were surprised. >> therapiesed bythey were pissed by the way they were doing it. he kept the police and the firemen out of those public sector collective bargaining, unlike john casic who lost, because he knew that abandoning the police and firemen--very smart in let's. >> cenk: all right, let's go on
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to the unions. unions. 33% of the voters were in the union households. 38% of the union households voted for scott walker. what are you doing? why are you voting for walker? do you think he's going to stop at public unions? are you that stupid? in fact, marty biel, the ex-sive director of state employees union said, quote, we're not going to go away. we're not going to pull a blanket over our head and pee in our pajamas. when you to have make a statement like that you're going to put a blanket over your head and pee in your pajamas. do you think they've they they were devastated. >> the grudge of the public unions for all the benefits they
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got when the profit sector unions were having to give concession after consension after con concession. >> cenk: perfect divide and conquer. >> to an agree it did. walker won union people living in households 51 to 48. that's people living in union households whoa were not part of the union. >> cenk: if i'm an union dad or an union mom everybody in its the house gets to vote their way but i would make a case. you're either with us and you're for putting food on this table that we're on, or you're against us, and they didn't do it. how could you unions not old 38% of their own households. >> it's more than 38% of their own households. the fact of the matter is the people of the union members
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overwhelmingly went for barrett. your thesis question was are unions dead? is this a devastating blow to unions. it is not a devastating blow, but it is a blow to unions. they have to rethink the way they do things. unlike in indiana where it was much worse where they made it a right-to-work state where mitch daniels put it through the house and legislature there, that was really bad for unions. this is a wake-up call. >> cenk: this is symbolic and sends the message loud and clear. you can do whatever you want, you just get koch money this was their waterloo. i'm going to pick up that debatearity on in the show. i'll bring in a conservative liberal, etc. but this was a devastating day for unions. >> this was a bad stay, but not devastating, don't get me wrong. >> cenk: waterloo. last lesson learned, if you don't show up, you don't win. who didn't show up, president obama.
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we had a discussion yesterday whether it would make a difference or not. it made a gigantic difference. when they did the exit polling and asked are you for obama or romney, obama wins 51-44. obama supporters voting for walker, 18%. michael, come on, are you kidding me? are you kidding me? he could have got than 18% if he showed up, and if he said, no, no, i'm president obama! i'm telling you don't under any circumstance vote for this scott walker guy who is going to take away your rights destroyed the middle class. do you think they would vote the same way. >> you're in a fantasy land if you think the president will go into their state, and they wanted the dnc involved, they didn't really want the president. and when you had people behalfing at the capitol there was no sign of the president. that's when he broke his promise because in south carolina when running for president he said if
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there is ever a strike for collective bargaining, i'm going to put on the shoe leather and march on the picket lines. he didn't show up. these are wisconsin voters who may like the president but may not be happy with what is going on with the public unions in their state. >> cenk: if you made a case, he didn't even have to convince the republicans voters. he just had to convince his own voters. he didn't even try. in fact, in fact. >> 7% separated these two, 7%. there's no way that the 7% are going to change that. >> cenk: just 4% the 18% that voted for walker. >> that's the number of the entire athletic electorate, not obama voters. >> cenk: what do you think they were going to do rnc put out an ad. look at what it does. >> obama has kept his distance. >> he was in the neighboring state of minnesota the other day.
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he then flew over wisconsin to go to his home state of illinois. didn't bother to show up in wisconsin. >> we were able to project scott walker willing able to keep his job as governor of wisconsin. >> this is a psychological boost for the republican party. >> republicans organize at the grassroots level in the state of wisconsin. >> the republican winning in a hotly contested nationally watched recall election. >> cenk: michael, what happened to that brilliant strategy? they won't call me a loser if i don't show up. they'll call me a loser any way. >> they're going to call him a loser if he shows up. why inject yourself, they're not, this is not going to matter at all. >> cenk: huge moment in american politics. there was a test of whether you could buy an collection--buy an election, and the kochs came in and they bought it.
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one last thing. obama campaign, and this is coordinated because the dnc put it out. no one can dispute the strong message sent to governor walker. are you kidding me? the strong message sent to governor walker is do as you please. we will bow our heads. we won't show up to fight you and you will win. that's the message that governor walker and all the republicans got when we lost-- >> we agree with that. that was a foolish argument. thank you, michael. we'll pick up this debate later in the program. are unions done? are progressives done? that's a tough question, but we got to ask it and answer it later in the program. when we come back i'm going to switch sides because liberals are in favor of fair pay for women act. i got my problems with it. we'll bring out a liberal to fight with me on that. you might switch sides too. you never know with "the young turks." come right back. >> they're doing the same jobs
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>>(narrator) gavin newsom, lieutenant governor of california, and former mayor of san francisco is on current tv. >>every night on cable news networks everyone's focusing on what's wrong. i want this show to move past that. i love creative people, and with all the vexing problems we have we need creative thinking. >>(narrator) with interviews with notables from silicon valley, hollywood, and beyond.
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>>at the end of the day this show's simple. it's about ideas. ideas are the best politics. ideas can bring us together. >>(narrator) the gavin newsom show. friday at 11 eastern/8 pacific. only on current tv. ♪ >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." i'm on the progressive side, the liberal side, that does not necessarily mean the democratic side unfortunately. in this case i'm not on the liberal case. what is the issue? it's the paycheck fairness act. now it just happened to fail 52-47. we'll show what you happened in the senate. >> in this vote the yays are 52. the nays are 47. the motion is not agreed to. >> cenk: now i do want to take a moment to note that the
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republicans filibustered this. it is never mentioned. you would have won. the liberal side would have won here 52-47 but the republicans filibustered. that i'm not in favor. but i would have voted against it. why? let me show you the great success we tried in trying to equalize pay for men and women. with equal pay act in 1963 that was signed into law by jfk. that allowed women to sue for discrimination. civil rights act of 1946 1964 was banning discrimination on race and religion but also gender. some people forget that. and the lily ledbetter act of 2009 extended the limitations to be able to sue for wage if you found out you had been discriminated against for 20
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years, you should not be limited for not knowing. the lily ledbetter act worked. in 1936 it was $.59 for every $1. now they're up to $.77. obviously we're not there yet as far as equality. there are factors involved there. but in this paycheck fairness act did three things i don't agree with. it did salaries that are not gender related but the company has to prove it. the company has to say hey--so i agree with suing and saying listen i got proof we are being discriminateed against. but for the companies to say i'm paying sally this and john this for all these reasons. i think it's cumbersome i agree with. next employees may discuss salaries. that could cause havoc in the
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workplace. i make this much. i make that much. you might be in favor, regulating and legislating it, i'm not in favor. the labor department must educate employees to prevent disparity. i have no problem with that. disthe republicans filibustered it and killed it, president obama put out a statement saying it's incredibly disappointing that in this make or break moment for the middle class senate republicans put partisan politics ahead of their american women and their families. i got to be honest with you. democrats are also playing partisan politics and this was part of the reason that they introduced this so they could say, hey, look at this with the republicans and their war on women. now i want to present all sides as we always try to do. we'll bring in a strong blogger sheryl conti she'll take the other side of this. sheryl, go ahead and educate me. >> cenk, what can i say, even
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michael steele expressed disconfidentdiscomfort of being on the wrong side of this issue. 40% of families are headed up by women who are the primary bread winners. it's not only that women who lost in this fair pay act, it's men. it's men and boys who are not going to--we're talking about up to $24,000 in lost wages every year and for women of color you talk about the equalization-- equalization--when you talk about black women, you're not talking about $.77. you're talking about $.64. you're talking about latinos you're talking about 52% an hour. >> cenk: right. >> there really is, and there are loopholes. the whole point of the fair pay act was to close the loopholes that companies are useing to
7:21 pm
escape actually paying women a fair wage. >> cenk: it looked like for a minute that we were having trouble with the satellite. when she disagrees with me that's what we do. i press a button and she goes in and out. no. i agree with you, when you talk about women not getting as much, that's why i think lily ledbetter was so important and minority women suffer even more, i totally agree with you. but the question is how do you address it. in this case i think it goes to for a to say to an employer, it is your burden--one employee does a better job negotiating than another. that sucks but that happens often. are you saying well, no, you can't do that any more and you have to make it equal to matter what. there may be other factors that have nothing to do with being a man or woman that goes into the disparity. i think it's too unfair to say to the employer you got to justify every single one of those even though we don't
7:22 pm
necessarily believe you've done systemic discrimination. >> cenk, transparently is power. i worked in a position where i found out passing by norco workers' office and overhearing on phone by chance that someone who was reporting to me made $10,000 more than me right? that was a white male reporting to a black female who actually, he was being paid more. i was certainly working harder and had more responsibility. this is little drama is unfolding everywhere in america. greater transparently is one way in which we can start to equalize. where women can be more empowered and understand the differentials in their pay structure. >> cenk: so there are upsides and down sides to every bill. you're right, this is the upside to this bill, transparency leads to better things. nine times out of ten i'm for
7:23 pm
transparency. but there could be a down side if everybody starts raising their hand this is how much i make and it may not have anything to do with men or women but other factors, and i can see that it can an problem for employers. >> that's what republicans are saying. in a climate where most people think that fair pay for women is a no-brainer, they're saying it's apples and oranges, maybe the women are working less or out more. there is no question there is still discrimination and we must close the loopholes and make shower that not only that women are protected but this protects men. people who are for blocking fair pay for women are the people wired about being sued by all the women they've discriminated against all these years. >> cenk: i'm going to let sheryl have the last word. sheryl conti brilliant as
7:24 pm
usual, jack and jill, everybody check it out. outrageous, they include executing women for dancing in pakistan among others. we'll come back and tell you all about it. >> had shakegy video filmed on a mobile phone may have cost these women their lives. here's why. two young men are glimpsed in the footage. don't miss this week's "the gavin newsom show" with special guest: >> i'm not an activist, i'm outspoken. i'm a dramatist.
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break the ice with breath-freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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♪ >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks," and we've got an outreach blog for guys. we'll tell you three stories. each more outrageous than the next. >> let's first start off by talking about how our television channels like to exploit. the new reality show called "the world's worse tenants" and it's how people get evicted from his homes. it's not foreclosures but tenants who are pests let's watch a clip of spike tv of one tenant who had 12 people living in his apartment. let's watch. >> we work for the owner. we understand there are 12 people living here. there are only two people on the
7:28 pm
lease, and basically according to the landlord there can only be two people living here. >> there are just two people living here but we might have friends over for a while or something, that's that. >> how many friends do you have over. >> all due respect to you gentleman, it's none of your business. >> we work for the owner. >> i don't like. >> we'll leave a 24 hour notice that will allow us to come back here tomorrow, and we'll have this conversation again. >> now let me just note these are reenactments, but the evictor says he's are reenactments of experiences he has had during thinks career. >> cenk: that's reason number 28 why i despise this show. reenactment, please spare me. but the main reason s look at this. they're framing it like you know if you're getting evicted from your house it's your fault. you're the bad tenant. people at home don't know. these are burning in their heads, if you're foreclosed on
7:29 pm
you must be a bad tenant. it's your fault. it's not the banker's office i hate this show. >> you hate the "biggest loser." you feel that it puts people in a position where people can point and laugh at them. but don't you think it might have uplifting moments. >> what is the uplifting moment in this? >> ana is saying there is something inspirationalal about "the biggest loser," but the people who put this show on you thud be ashamed of yourself. to watch for pleasure or enjoy enjoyment to see people get evicted. this is like "candid camera" gone awry. >> this is one of those shows, a litany of shows that is disastrous. i've scoured garbage tv. this is just another one.
7:30 pm
>> cenk: there is normal garbage tv, but this beyond the pail. it makes me sick to my stomach. it kicks the powerfulless. that'spowerfulless--thepowerless. >> the next story jorge decided to release this five-minute youtube ad that is highly controversial. let's watch. ♪ >> now people were not happy with that violent imagery and people were probably not as happy with the cheesy beginning
7:31 pm
of that ad. what are your editing skills. who did you hire to edit that? >> cenk: i take great offense to how cheesy like zooming in on the dude don't do it. >> the gunfire was the least offensive thing on that ad. >> i apologize. i put that together for robles over the weekend because i needed a new t-shirt. [laughing] >> cenk: in all seriousness you got to draw the line. if you don't draw the line on this kind of stuff. it has a machine gun and then it says take out linda sánchez. jesus christ how bad could it be be. if you don't draw the line they'll soon put up her picture and say take her out. >> this guy is in law enforcement. >> he is in law enforcement. you don't want this kind of violent imagery in the ad.
7:32 pm
mr. robles is in law enforcement. if you're not aware of that so i think it's his way of kind of send our message. we're going after linda sánchez. not in the way that portrays it to be if you're thinking like that. >> we're sending a message by using a machine gun to take out linda sánchez. it's a horrible ad. >> this story is the most outrageous story of story. four women in pakistan are thought to be dead after celebrating like most women do. >> singing in celebration. this was a wedding party. but the shaky video filmed on a mobile phone may have cost these women their lives. here's why. two young men are glimpsed in the footage. a tribal council is alleged to have accused them of all of
7:33 pm
fornication and sentenced them to death. >> now the women's brother spoke out publicly about it this and said that his sisters have been killed. offer the supreme court in pakistan is trying to figure out what really happened. and it's really a tragic story because you're seeing things like this happening in pakistan and in the middle east regularly. women will be raped. as a result they will be punished for their rape. it really brings up questions about other cultures and whether or not we should are other cultures especially when you see things like this happen. >> cenk: everybody agree this is 100% outrageous, no one will disagree with this. i'll create outrage on my own by saying i don't respect other people's cultures. you have to judge the cultures in a rational way. there are upsides to some cultures and down sides to some cultures. it's painted as a liberal idea we have to respect other people's cultures. no i think that part of that
7:34 pm
culture sucks. it's disastrous and hideous. but not just that culture but there are fundamentalists in our culture, too who say, wouldn't it be great if everybody on earth died so jesus could come back. it's called armageddon. that part of the culture sucks. >> at least we have that discussion in our culture. obviously something you don't agree with, they don't have voice enough to say something about it or the ultimate punishment will come to them. >> cenk: that's a great point jayar, thank god we're able to say what we do here in the united states. if i said the same thing in pakistan in that culture, i'd probably get the same fate as those women. some are worse than others. you have to keep it real on that. in this part of that culture is as bad as it gets. anna. thank you for those stories. when we come back, we're going to go back to wisconsin and i'm
7:35 pm
coming again man. one, are the unions done? yes. are progressives done? that's a more complicated question but a really important one. we'll tackle it when we come back. >> perhaps it's those union leaders who need to be recalled and replaced with those who understand-- and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ♪ ♪ home of the brave. ♪ ♪ it's where fear goes unwelcomed... ♪ ♪
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>>(narrator) the sheriff of wall street. >>the leadership of high finance just doesn't get it. >>(narrator) the former governor of new york, eliot spitzer is on current tv. >>somebody somewhere can listen, record, track, gather this data. >>arrangements were made. >>(narrator) independent unflinching. >>there is a wild west quality to it that permits them to do whatever they wish. >>(narrator) and above all politically direct. >>facts are stubborn things. ♪
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>> cenk: all right we've got a great power panel for you guys. we have dinobidala in new york city, and alexis garcia is here in los angeles, as you can tell pga tv. president obama and air force one. he's coming out any moment. he's here in los angeles, why is anybody here in los angeles raising money. my first question, are unions done? they gave it their best effort and they still lost. they got outspent. in fact, one of romney's stop advisers in florida teased them by sending out this tweet. pack it in, unions. it's over. there you saw president obama in l.a. my guess is he's not meeting with the unions but meeting with
7:39 pm
rich people. pack it in unions, it's over. and then sarah palin rubbed it in a little bit more by saying this. >> maybe it's the union leadership, those thug who is wanted to deceive their members into believing that growing government is the answer. perhaps it's those union leaders who need to be recalled or replaced with those who understand. >> cenk: dean, they've been putting this anti-union message out for three decades now. and it seems like it's worked. if the election came down to the unions, it looks like you lose. >> i think it is. it's not boding well for unions. i don't think they're dead. i don't think they're going to get any more twitter followers in the near future. it's a tough time. but look what they did in the state of wisconsin. they got over 900,000 signatures for a recall election. they caused walk for spend $30 million maybe even $40 million depending on the final numbers.
7:40 pm
it is sending a message to the governors in other states who want to get rid of collective bargaining, this is what could happen. in ohio they repealed a law that banned collective bargaining for the unions. it's not bad but they're not growing, let's be honest. >> cenk: yes right i think if walker got any message at all it's full steam ahead. the union tried to stop him and they couldn't do it. i don't know if the unions are going to figure out, hey, we can't outspent the corporations. they always beat us. >> it's a long way till november. i think you kind of saw the unions brought themselves on themselves. they went against the wishes of democrats in washington. they dump a lot of money in primaries and they didn't even get the nominee they wanted.
7:41 pm
let's be honest. walker's proposals have yielded results. $3.5 million turned into a surplus and then jobs have been created. >> cenk: if we go into that we'll never get out of it. i'll say, yeah, but he took stimulus money to do it and then takes obama's money and slaps him in the face. as far as unions, i don't think they'll magically disappear tomorrow, of course not. they'll be around, but this was their waterloo. they came in and put their chips on the table and they lost. i think they have to get it through their thick heads giving money to democrats is not the answer. the answer is you have to got money out of politics. if you don't do that unions will always lose to corporations because they have more money. the second question, are progressives done?
7:42 pm
i'll skip head to eric riego he's a progressive in their primary and he lost as well. >> i'm afraid we were clearly the reform progressives candidate in this race, and i think i think a lot of people are worried about what this means for the democratic party. i certainly am. >> cenk: i'm going to fight, and we'll win by other means, but within the democratic party or the current electoral system we keep piling up loses. >> progressives are dead. shut is down. there is no reason to talk about this any more--no they're not dead. look at the exit polls in wisconsin. walker wins and obama winning in that state. if final numbers hold up in wisconsin, the progressives are not dead. it will be work.
7:43 pm
i think the democratic party is a mess. >> cenk: that's a fair point. and democrats captureing the state senate. that's a fair point. i appreciate that. obama having better numbers in wisconsin doesn't mean anything to me. i don't think he's a progressive any way. that's why greigo loses in the democratic party. obama who is not a progressive heads the democratic party. alexis, you're more of a conservative. go ahead and enjoy the moment. >> this was democracy in action. the unions didn't get the result that they wanted but i don't think this is all bad news. i think president obama made the right decision to maybe not get into the recall election-- >> cenk: i disagree on both those counts but i only have time to address one. we're not saying that this is a death of democracy because the progressives lost.
7:44 pm
of course the processsives can lose but it's the death of democracy because they outspent the--obama had more money in 2008. there was more money on the side of gay rights, then gay rights wins. the answer is not in the votes but in the money. that's why democracy died. it died before wisconsin but wisconsin was a perfect example of it. we don't have a representative of democracy. your votes don't matter nearly as much as a person who has money. i say this all the time because you got to get it through your head he head. 93% of the time money will win. money is ultimate in this system, and this system, unfortunately, is no longer a democracy. that's what progressives have to fight defense. don't worry about supporting a politician. you have to fight that system
7:45 pm
otherwise we're going to continually lose. dean, alexis. i appreciate it. thank you, guys. when we come back another interesting conversation. this about chris can christie the scott walker of new jersey. we have two author who is have a complimentary book on him. my ideas on chris christie are not complimentary. we'll have that discussion when we come back. >> you don't do what you're supposed to do on tuesday for mitt romney. i'll be back jersey-style, people, i will be back.
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hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile.
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♪ >> cenk: chris christie is the governor of new jersey. he supported scott walker in his recall efforts and he is being talked about as a possible vp pick for mitt romney. he gets a lot of street credit in politics because he's a stuff guy who likes to mix it up. >> you should just write a check and shut up. to have munb nuts who put out a
7:49 pm
statement comparing me to george wallace and lester maddox. at some point you got to be able to call bs on those kinds of press releases. >> my concern is this kind of obsession that the nypd seems to have that, you know, they are the masters of the university. >> shows you the level of intrusiveness that went into my life. some jokeer taking pictures of me at mad madison square garden. did i fall asleep? >> absolutely not. >> cenk: look, i'm from new jersey, and i love tough guys from immigrant families. i might fancy one myself but i got issues with this guy. let's talk to authors of this book, bob ingle and michael symons the coauthors of "chris christie: the inside story of his rise to power." you painted a positive picture of him. shucks, he came from this
7:50 pm
family, and he likes to talk and he got into politics when he was young, etc. etc. that's not the chris christie that i see. i get the chris christie who gets not all but a lot of his money from hedge fund managers from new york who do a lot of his bidding. is that part of the portrait. >> i think it is. the portrait we tried to make down the middle. there is a part of him from immigrant families, and there is another part of the guy from new jersey, and there is another guy that is republican. >> cenk: yenh,h, mean, dge fund guys. as i look at that and one other part he gives $1.57 million to state tax breaks. i feel like the whole image constructed there is a little fake because it seems like he's a regular guy, but in evaluate
7:51 pm
he gets his money from these hedge fund guys and gives giant tax breaks to the rich. that's not a regular guy. that's a guy looking to help the rich. >> well, he grew up in sort of regular-guy family so to speak. despite the fact that he's well off now and he espouses some of those policies you were just talking about folks believe he can connect with them. he takes the same language and the stories, mom and the money tree in the backyard and people laugh and connect with him. he uses that to his advantage. >> 's an effective politician. he's sitting in a deeply blue state of new jersey where i'm from where i don't know any republicans any more and he's at 59% approval. that's impressive. but i kind of want the audience to understand that i actually--tell me if i'm wrong i think he's a fake. sure he's got that mom and he has that tree story etc., etc.
7:52 pm
but he's not one of us. look campbell soup, he gives $42 million tax break to and he says it's to create jobs. campbell soup cuts 100 jobs and then a slap on the wrist. you weren't in it for the jobs you're in it for the support that campbells would give. >> there is way too much money in politics. we have to get the money out of it. but until you do that, you have to play the game the way it's played and its raising money. >> these were established under past governses and governs from both parties have used it, and as theit's sort of both parties. >> cenk: no, no, both parties
7:53 pm
are guilty. republicans have made an art of it. and you're right within this game chris christie plays it very well. that's why i think he's more dangerous politician in a lot of ways. the book is again, "chris christie: the inside story of his rise to power." thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> next time no tie. >> fair enough. >> cenk: let's go to eliot spitzer. what's on "viewpoint" tonight eliot? >> eliot: like everybody else, it's the day after. how do you make sense of what happened in wisconsin? we thought in a minimum it was going to be close. we thought there would be good arguments and the voters would step up and say yes we want to protect the rights of union members, but it didn't happen. we have joe, he has this little thing called a nobel prize in economics. with a great new book" the price of inequality" that diagnoses what is wrong with our economy. great, great, economist, someone
7:54 pm
worth living to. >> cenk: can't wait to see it. everybody come back for eliot spitzer's show, the "viewpoint" in just a minute. when we come back, tax the rich. tax the rich. we'll show what you is happening in the hamptons. it's
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
gaeme inc. thank gaemezilinsky, thank you for joining don't miss this week's "the gavin newsom show" with special guest: hollywood icon oliver stone. >> i'm not an activist, i'm outspoken. i'm a dramatist. ♪ all right, we're back with the tax of rich segment, and this is perfect. there is a sanky place on long island where all the many go to vacation in the summers, and joe schwank
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is turning them in. by ten electric dirt bikes and make dirt track in backyard for birthday party. cost, $23,000. that's just for one ten-year-old's birthday party. second tweet, drive back to new york city while owners catch a copter ride with rich depends. story muffy, they got better deal. tax the rich for the love of god. third tweet hampton ask of request of the day return greenhouse down island. of course you got to move your tries depending on the season. oh, my god, you have your trees in the same place every season? you got to tax the rich. there is nothing wrong with being rich or being a hedge fund manager but you got to pay your fair
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